faith, Wonder

Order of Operations

I am largely uncertain how to organize anything in my life, much less the big things.

Whenever I see these Dollar Store Stones, I feel impelled to arrange them in some kind of shape.

What comes first: Hopes or Dreams?

Where does Belief fit into it all?

Is Love the beginning or the end of all of this?

Or is each virtue like a stepping stone,

arranged in a endless cycle

of better seasons?

The pragmatic in me has for some time thought of Hope as the fundamental thing; what else can be done deliberately and also well, after all, if it is not first hoped for?

But then, what good is it to hope for something to come to pass, if you can’t bring yourself to believe it is possible also?

Is it worth hoping for anything which you cannot also believe to be possible?

And can you hope anything without first being able to dream it?

And then… where do dreams come from? Where?

Some say that God is the ground of all things, or the Source, or just Love…. it seems God might be in all of the things, and also the source in which all things are. What does this mean? I don’t mean to suggest I have any answers – I barely understand the vocabulary of faith, and I don’t know what to believe, or even how to express the possibilities, or enumerate the components.

Is Love where Dreams, and then Hopes – and then the Belief in these things as possible – come from?

Or is it the Belief in the possibility of Dreams Hoped for where Love is finally found?

Is it both, or is it neither of these?

How would you arrange the stones?