Thoughts in Church

I’m blogging from church. Nobody’s here yet except me. I have maybe three to five minutes before the next early bird arrives. I’m sitting in the front pew – which is something I never do.

I was given a key in order to help with the church’s website. It’s on Wix. What a holy mess it was. I fixed it up a bit. I joined the choir, though my answer to the question, “Do you know this hymn? Surely you know this one.” is almost always, “Sorry, no. I’ll follow along.”

I am a church-goer. Jesus knows how much and how little faith I have in the particulars, on any given Sunday. I’ve never had the door closed on my face though – even if Jesus had that power to close it. In fact, I was given a key (see above).

There’s a meeting after service today with a consultancy, which is in the business of helping small congregations which are only getting smaller as time goes on try and figure out how to pivot, in church-like fashion. What would Jesus do with a gradually emptying building? He never owned buildings. Maybe that’s the answer, I don’t know.

I’m looking forward to the meeting, because I enjoy problem-solving. Say a prayer for this small group of people that we can navigate the coming years and do something good for the community which surrounds us.

Have a great Sunday,


Opinion, Wonder


I happen to know this person who knows this other person who is in love with another person and is a father to yet one more, smaller person. All of these people live in mostly different places, and some of them want to live in the same place and others would like for that to happen too, and maybe visit someday with the others, who by then would no longer be apart, but together, and wouldn’t that be lovely.

I believe that it will.



Rocket Poem

a spine
of mine,
it bound
in time –
a rhyme
the arcs,
with sight
or sound;
Might Mortal
flight and feathers
fall swift lift me low
To common Ground
will me
I go

Words hammered into kind of the shape of a rocket ship, in the curious name of science.