Thoughts in Church

I’m blogging from church. Nobody’s here yet except me. I have maybe three to five minutes before the next early bird arrives. I’m sitting in the front pew – which is something I never do.

I was given a key in order to help with the church’s website. It’s on Wix. What a holy mess it was. I fixed it up a bit. I joined the choir, though my answer to the question, “Do you know this hymn? Surely you know this one.” is almost always, “Sorry, no. I’ll follow along.”

I am a church-goer. Jesus knows how much and how little faith I have in the particulars, on any given Sunday. I’ve never had the door closed on my face though – even if Jesus had that power to close it. In fact, I was given a key (see above).

There’s a meeting after service today with a consultancy, which is in the business of helping small congregations which are only getting smaller as time goes on try and figure out how to pivot, in church-like fashion. What would Jesus do with a gradually emptying building? He never owned buildings. Maybe that’s the answer, I don’t know.

I’m looking forward to the meeting, because I enjoy problem-solving. Say a prayer for this small group of people that we can navigate the coming years and do something good for the community which surrounds us.

Have a great Sunday,