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God is in the Details, Too

I sat outside this morning wondering about Life and all of that, and as I wondered if God thought I was doing a good job, a chickadee alit upon the deck railing and regarded me as though they had a question, or maybe an answer.

Maybe chickadees are just that.

The little thing hopped up onto the deck light, and then fluttered around my upstairs window (as though to say, maybe, get back to work!), then over my head and onto the clothesline, to regard me again, before sailing off on some new chickadee quest. Whatever those might be like.

I know, I know. life is full of “patterns” and “coincidences”. I get it. If I roll a die enough times, a string of 1’s or 4’s or 6’s will come up and seem quite unusual, even though all they are doing is proving they are truly random. As random as random can be.

I nonetheless see things happening in good timing, sometimes, and I am here, in any case, to take of things what I will – and then hopefully give back better than I’ve been given, at some future point.

My point is – from my point of view – God came to me this morning on the wings of a Chickadee, and told me to say hello, from Him (or Her), to you.

And now that is what you’re reading me do.