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I happen to know this person who knows this other person who is in love with another person and is a father to yet one more, smaller person. All of these people live in mostly different places, and some of them want to live in the same place and others would like for that to happen too, and maybe visit someday with the others, who by then would no longer be apart, but together, and wouldn’t that be lovely.

I believe that it will.


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God is in the Details, Too

I sat outside this morning wondering about Life and all of that, and as I wondered if God thought I was doing a good job, a chickadee alit upon the deck railing and regarded me as though they had a question, or maybe an answer.

Maybe chickadees are just that.

The little thing hopped up onto the deck light, and then fluttered around my upstairs window (as though to say, maybe, get back to work!), then over my head and onto the clothesline, to regard me again, before sailing off on some new chickadee quest. Whatever those might be like.

I know, I know. life is full of “patterns” and “coincidences”. I get it. If I roll a die enough times, a string of 1’s or 4’s or 6’s will come up and seem quite unusual, even though all they are doing is proving they are truly random. As random as random can be.

I nonetheless see things happening in good timing, sometimes, and I am here, in any case, to take of things what I will – and then hopefully give back better than I’ve been given, at some future point.

My point is – from my point of view – God came to me this morning on the wings of a Chickadee, and told me to say hello, from Him (or Her), to you.

And now that is what you’re reading me do.

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Writing One or More Moiras

The other night, I dreamt that I should “write a moira”.

When I awoke enough to realize this, I had the choice of either drifting back to sleep (and almost certainly forgetting this dreamt suggestion), or else getting myself out of bed long enough to Google whether a “moira” was some kind of thing one could write – perhaps it was an acronym for something that could be written. Technical jargon, is what I imaged it might be. I chose to get up and Google it.

“Writing a Moira” of course returns results either about or otherwise from writers named Moira. There were no immediate recommendations on how to write one – just confirmation that quite a few of them were already out there writing, or being written about, or both.

Today, on a hunch, I looked to see if “moira” might also be a writeable noun, and it turns out that it kind of is.

So I am now left to wonder whether I have been told to write to someone named Moira (and if so, which one of the myriad of Moiras?), or just write a moira – a destiny (and if so, whose, and to what end?)

This dream fragment is compellingly open-ended one for interpretation, and so I must now consider carefully how to now best proceed with this assignment.

Since Life often seems to be an A/B decision, I should first decide whether I am asked to write a destiny (a “moira”, the singular of moirai, or Fates), or else write (that is, write to) someone named Moira.

The dream did not say to write several Moiras (or moirai) – it told to to write a moira… but then presumably left it up to me (and/or you) to decide which kind of [M|m]oira it meant, and then, which one to write (or write to).

And so then, what would you do?

A) Write to a real person named Moira
B) Write into existence a moira about a fictional person

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Order of Operations

I am largely uncertain how to organize anything in my life, much less the big things.

Whenever I see these Dollar Store Stones, I feel impelled to arrange them in some kind of shape.

What comes first: Hopes or Dreams?

Where does Belief fit into it all?

Is Love the beginning or the end of all of this?

Or is each virtue like a stepping stone,

arranged in a endless cycle

of better seasons?

The pragmatic in me has for some time thought of Hope as the fundamental thing; what else can be done deliberately and also well, after all, if it is not first hoped for?

But then, what good is it to hope for something to come to pass, if you can’t bring yourself to believe it is possible also?

Is it worth hoping for anything which you cannot also believe to be possible?

And can you hope anything without first being able to dream it?

And then… where do dreams come from? Where?

Some say that God is the ground of all things, or the Source, or just Love…. it seems God might be in all of the things, and also the source in which all things are. What does this mean? I don’t mean to suggest I have any answers – I barely understand the vocabulary of faith, and I don’t know what to believe, or even how to express the possibilities, or enumerate the components.

Is Love where Dreams, and then Hopes – and then the Belief in these things as possible – come from?

Or is it the Belief in the possibility of Dreams Hoped for where Love is finally found?

Is it both, or is it neither of these?

How would you arrange the stones?