Thoughts in Church

I’m blogging from church. Nobody’s here yet except me. I have maybe three to five minutes before the next early bird arrives. I’m sitting in the front pew – which is something I never do.

I was given a key in order to help with the church’s website. It’s on Wix. What a holy mess it was. I fixed it up a bit. I joined the choir, though my answer to the question, “Do you know this hymn? Surely you know this one.” is almost always, “Sorry, no. I’ll follow along.”

I am a church-goer. Jesus knows how much and how little faith I have in the particulars, on any given Sunday. I’ve never had the door closed on my face though – even if Jesus had that power to close it. In fact, I was given a key (see above).

There’s a meeting after service today with a consultancy, which is in the business of helping small congregations which are only getting smaller as time goes on try and figure out how to pivot, in church-like fashion. What would Jesus do with a gradually emptying building? He never owned buildings. Maybe that’s the answer, I don’t know.

I’m looking forward to the meeting, because I enjoy problem-solving. Say a prayer for this small group of people that we can navigate the coming years and do something good for the community which surrounds us.

Have a great Sunday,


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Ghost, Writing

I have been invited by somebody quite close to me to share my speculative fiction story on their blog thing. Since the story is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, this seems entirely, legally appropriate, and so that is what I’m agreeing to do. They are not paying me any money for this. If you knew us both, you would understand that this is no problem.

I have several chapters written already, and more than several more to write yet, before anyone at all might choose to call it a proper book – but that’s certainly how it might someday look.

Unless I get hit by a bus first. But then, somebody else could just keep writing it, so I think we’re OK.

If you’d like to read it, go here: https://wimselloop.wordpress.com/2022/06/05/wkuf-ch00/


Lettered Betters, Part III

My local bank reminded me how to dream. Imagine that.

Curious thing about being Human: You don’t retain every bit of wisdom you’re ever faced with, the first time it faces you. Sometimes, you need reminders. It doesn’t quite matter where those reminders come from, only that they help you remember.

I have been trying to become a better implementer of dreams. This is ongoing work. It has led me to try time-management tricks and online TODO lists, and even more conversations with God, about how I might manage to follow through on some things.

It has been understandably messy. Being Human is messy, sometimes. We come into the world as a beautiful mess, and proceed to make a mess of ourselves and our environment – if we’re lucky enough to be healthy enough to get on with the business of immediate mess-making.

This tendency to approach life in a messy manner (that is, as though we are not in fact perfect machines, but rather perfectly imperfect ones) does not fundamentally change, it only becomes more under our general control – if we’re lucky enough to be healthy enough to get on with the business of being given more control.

The principles leading toward a better life often seem overly simple, yet strangely difficult. I like to think that it is perfectly possible for a person to thoroughly discover how to live a good life without having any access to any Internet, or formal education, or even a book.

You do need other people though… and while those other things help immensely (and somebody does need them, somewhere, I truly believe), provided we at least have each other to spread the hints and the word, the way forward will always be knowable to us, through our strange and common channels and channellings.



To no more breathe
Than to make peace;
This, for which I stand,
The culmination of Grace

Sometimes these old bones have a hard time getting out of bed. But what’s there to waking, if not to make something of having awoken? I might not have found myself with another day to spend, but here I am.

I might as well get up, and go see what that was all about.